Completion of the Perimeter Security Project at the Quillagua Photovoltaic Plant

From Ipsum Seguridad, we are pleased to announce the completion of the perimeter security project at the Quillagua photovoltaic plant, of the Spanish company Grenergy. Located in the province of Tocopilla, in the northern region of Atacama, it has an installed capacity of 103 MW. This is the company’s largest project to date in Chile.

According to many studies, the Atacama desert is the driest inhabited nucleus in the world, so the community of Quillagua will be favoured, not only with all the employment generated during the start-up of the project, but also with electricity and public lighting.

This new solar project will have an estimated capacity of 300 GWh per year from the installation of bifacial photovoltaic modules that increase its production by up to an additional 15%.

It is an honour for us to be part of projects of such magnitude.

Ipsum Seguridad at Oasiz

Ipsum Seguridad has been in charge of the simultaneous integration of multiple security systems carried out in the Oasiz Shopping Centre by the hand of LDA Audio Tech. This shopping centre is a set of architecture, shopping, culture and gastronomy, in perfect harmony formed a small city, which opened its doors last December and has an area of more than 250,000 m2.

With 4,000 parking spaces and 117 premises, Oasiz Madrid is designed around two large lakes surrounded by palm trees and waterfalls. The infinite leisure possibilities of the resort are also designed for adventure lovers and everything is conceived as a space to enjoy with the family with multiple children’s areas.

The different subsystems installed and integrated in this exclusive commercial resort are the following:

  • Public address systems
  • CCTV system
  • Intrusion system
  • Intercom system
  • Access control system

Our philosophy is to guarantee the coordination and proper functioning of all systems through a single interlocutor, responsible for all project management, from the execution phase, to the door in service of the facilities. We are delighted to be part of a project of these dimensions and we appreciate the trust placed in our company, we continue to grow day by day thanks to these facilities.