Latest Tunnel Control Technologies in Barcelona

Ipsum Seguridad completed the installation and start-up of a DAI (automatic incident detection) control system for the Jorda – Besós tunnel, which covers a branch of the Dalt ring road in Barcelona.

This is the first of a series of projects on the Barcelona ring road, of which we are pleased to be a part, providing complete solutions equipped with stateof-the-art technology.

The system in question is made up of a series of cameras associated with specific control software as well as a powerful recording system. With this type of means it is possible to detect incidents in tunnels such as stationary vehicles, retentions, possible objects on the road, vehicles traveling in the opposite direction or the presence of pedestrians. There are also mini-dome cameras controlling both the emergency exits and the accesses to the technical rooms and monitoring the SOS posts as well as the mouths of the tunnels.

These facilities are part of the works scheduled to cover most of the Ronda de Dalt, which manages 175,000 vehicles a day at high speed, hence the importance of equipping it with an optimal system for maximum safety in traffic on it. It will be taken as a reference, following the same criteria of equipment and facilities in the others, since it presents considerable advantages to overcome the safety problems suffered by long urban tunnels.

Thanks to the trust that this type of client gives us, such as COMSA, which has more than a century of experience in the infrastructure and industrial engineering sector, we can continue to grow in different areas, in addition to audio-visual.

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