Customized Security Solutions

  • Image recording and transmission
  • Compatible with digital and analogue cameras
  • Centralised or distributed recording
  • Image management software NVR (Network Video Recorder)
  • Video Integration in SCADA IPSUM
  • Correlation of video events with events in other subsystems
  • Automatic Incident Detection
  • Magnetic strip cards
  • Wiegand effect cards
  • Proximity readers
  • Biometric sensors
  • RFID sensors
  • License plate recognition systems
  • Intrusion detection
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  • Temperature, smoke, flame and gas detection systems
  • Aspiration detection
  • Optical fibre and radiating cable detection
  • Electrochemical probe detection
  • Certified with the latest regulations in public address and voice evacuation EN 54-16
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SCADA SYCMA consists of a powerful human-machine interface (HIM), fully configurable according to the needs of each installation, both in terms of visual presentation of the different elements, and the integration of equipment from different manufacturers. Being able to even integrate existing equipment in the installation. All this centralized on a server, to which monitoring will be connected locally, remotely (on the network itself or through the Internet), via Web Server, etc.

SYCMA has a real-time data acquisition system with communication drivers for the most used protocols in control and home automation systems, both in serial and network protocols. In turn, it can also behave as a data server system to supply information to higher level systems such as control centres or other SYCMA systems whose mission is the centralization of several centres.

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Advantages of the vtsystem

  • False alarm reduction of 98%
  • Alarm discrimination long-range detection
  • The “invisible” installation
  • Integration and remote access
  • On-demand analytics
  • Security centre