Mission and values:
  • At Ipsum Seguridad Technologies our mission is to be a benchmark in the installation of electronic security equipment and systems, interior and perimeter security, access control and video surveillance.
We carry out installations in the so-called special ones (audio-visuals, public address systems, industrial control systems and telecommunications networks). Our scope of action is in sectors such as transport, retail, corporate, energy. We provide value-added, efficient and quality solutions. ​Our Quality and Environmental Policy is based on the following principles:
  • Customer orientation: Achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction with respect to the services offered. For them we dedicate efforts and resources in the experimentation and knowledge of the systems and products that we integrate, we will take the internal measures that guarantee that everything is managed according to the requirements specified by our clients and that we always offer the best.
  • Quality and environmental objectives: Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality and Environment Management System implemented in the processes involved in the company to offer the best services at all times.
  • Commitment to environmental protection and pollution prevention:  Training, awareness and promotion of environmental protection habits. Correct use of waste, recycling, optimization of processes for lower energy expenditure and promotion of renewable energies.
  • Continuous improvement: The analysis and optimization of all processes will be sought following the latest market trends and adopting the most innovative practices in process management, for this we will apply the evaluation mechanisms that guide the corrections and successive innovations.
  • Customer-oriented development and innovation: maintain and promote quality relationships with our suppliers and the appropriate and necessary training to offer the latest technologies. For this, we will implement technical and human resources to improve the technical conditions of our services.
  • Compliance with legal requirements: ensure compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements specified by our clients, to guarantee the safety and proper functioning of the facilities supplied and, in particular, with current legislation and regulations both in terms of quality and environment that affects our products and services.
  • Training and communication:  Training programs will be established for our employees to ensure quality and communication with the interested parties will be ensured.
  • Leadership: the company's management assumes the leadership and commitment to quality management of the entire organization and for this we work as a team and we are a team in which we all collaborate for the common benefit.
With this quality and environment policy, Ipsum Seguridad S.L undertakes to fulfil its strategy, establish quality and environmental objectives, comply with legal requirements and continuous improvement.

Alejandro Rubio Benjumea