New Security Project in Photovoltaic Plants by Ipsum Seguridad

From Ipsum Seguridad we are pleased to announce the new award of a CCTV and Intrusion Systems project in two solar plants, both in the province of Badajoz.

Thanks to technological advances, the cost of photovoltaic solar energy has been reduced and, at the same time, its efficiency has increased and its average cost of electricity generation has become competitive with conventional energy sources.

The photovoltaic plants located in Burguillos del Cerro and Fuentes del Maestre will have a total power of 100 MW, will occupy an area of more than 50 hectares and will have a total of 71,640 photovoltaic panels.

This contribution of renewable electricity to the network will be equivalent to the electricity consumption of some 37,000 homes in Badajoz, just over 20 percent of the existing homes in the province.

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